Route 66 Clothing and Jeans Review: Amazing Inexpensive Quality

Route 66 is a clothing line named after the interstate highway of the same name famed for bringing people to the West. Much like those travels the brand has that same tough appeal for the working man. Their jeans are nice wether wearing them casually just at home or on dates or working hard in the yard or any other dirty job site. Despite multiple washings and some difficult labor, Route 66 jeans take a good amount of time to wear out or fade heavily and even when this does occur they still have their use as work jeans.

Available for under $20 usually, Route 66 is both affordable and comfortable without being really cheap looking or poorly made. What's the greatest part of these jeans? They can easily be found available at discounted prices. A nice pair of jeans can routinely be found for half price over all styles and sizes. Dickies and Wranglers, while of the same kind of branding, don't usually come close in terms of price and quality.

The down side to the Route 66 brand is their relative plain or bland look. Most won't mind the simplicity because of the savings, but for those looking for a higher end, designer jean then you'll have to look elsewhere. These are found in department stores exclusively anyway so those looking for more of a fashion statement from their jeans won't find them anyway.

For folks with squarer body types, are these the jeans for you. Often even going through multiple sizes and brands I still won't find a pair that fits quite right. Either they'll be to tight on the hips or lose at the waist. I'm also fairly short, so pant length and the measurement between the waist and the top of the leg can play a big role in my selection. A pair of Route 66 jeans will fit longer, taller or skinny people as well, but for use short or husky folks it's finally nice to have a pair of jeans that truly fit properly.

While simple, Route 66 is a brand that is both affordable and long lasting when compared to the average jeans prices out there. While not one of the most popular jeans brands out there, they come highly recommended by this blog author.


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